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Psd number 473 made by PSPRETTY

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Hi :], I've a question, I don't know how to do this, it seems like blur but i'ts not bc I already try, I don't know how it calls, please if you can explain it'd awesome. Here the pic: 33(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/4e7723a79ec888923a87574d524e1aa6/tumblr_mv9yvrm9kd1ru2hxmo4_250(.)png


hello :) , this effect mainly depends on Gaussian blur , i made action that looks a like Here :) x


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for the last period we checked the downloads of our psds and stuff , and they’re not matching with the notes! this is kind of rude cause we get hell tired doing these stuff , so a like or reblog won’t kill you! thank you so much !.

Hi :) I'm having some problems with the psd files and I hope that you can help me.. When I open them photoshop change all their colour in white and green, as if it doesn't recognize the colours. Do you know why? Thank you in advance

probably because of you photoshop , what photoshop do you use?.
also try when you open the psd go to : image > mode > and change it to RGB color , if that didn’t help try to change your photoshop *if it’s not cs5 or cs6* you’re welcome :)

Tamplate 005 by mixerspsds

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you might want to adjust some layers if you needed , but this one worked perfectly on all pictures , Don’t calim as your own , Like or Reblog if you’re saving , find more psds here and request here , Download {here}

can you guys please make few demi lovato icons?

posted :)

ddlovato !

Under cut there are few demi lovato icons made by mixerspsds , please like or reblog if you’re using , request here , thank you

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We have reached 37,300 followers! Words cannot explain how we are grateful for all of you.This pack contains 30 psds, 4 actions and 200 gradients. You can use them to make edits, picspam, gifsets, etc. But respect our work and don’t redistribute or claim as your own, And please like or reblog this post. Thank you and enjoy!! { dl }

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